The Best Poker Strategy

This one secret lapak303 strategy you must avoid at all costs is playing strong hands with draw cards. Although there are times that you will want to play these weaker hands, you simply do not want to be playing them in most situations. The reason for this is that you lose a lot of chips when you have a bad hand.

Why You Can’t Afford To Be Too Accurate

Even though you may want to play strong hands with draw cards, the whole idea is that you want to play these hands very cautiously. You need to wait for the flop and the subsequent turn in order to be able to make a better decision about playing these hands. Therefore, playing these weak hands is a way of risking less chips if you make a bad decision.

Even though you may want to play these weaker hands, you simply need to be sure that you are in a better position post-flop when there is a possibility of hitting a straight or a flush. Considering the early aggressiveness of your opponents, you may not have many chips to work with.

Be careful not to get sucked into a pre-flop hand where you feel that you are too behind and to perform chip raises with hands that you will normally raise with. This is especially true of novice players. There is nothing wrong with folding a hand. There is always a better option.

Calling or checking the flop with hands like these is a good way to save your chips in a later hand especially when you are up against players that tend to not raise or limp a lot. These hands are also great for chasing players out of the pot.

You really want to push the early lead in to the pot. If you have a bigger stack, you are obviously in a better position to take down the pot. If you are short stacked, you are at a disadvantage. Fold as often as necessary and manage your position well to ensure that you are in a better position to win the pot than your opponents


If you miss the flop in middle position, you have to proceed cautiously. With middle position, you are looking to scoop in a hand where you hit hit top pair or have a few high cards. It’s worth calling the small blind or small bet if you have these cards. They can steal the blinds and from the middle position it is not too unlikely that you can take down some small pots to get yourself back in the game.

From the later positions, you can loosen up a little bit. If you have hit a good hand or two, try to get into the pots with hands that are in the middle or later positions. If you are in the middle positions, you can loosen up a little bit and call all the way to the river with hands like A-6 or A-4. You never know, you may steal the blinds or the small bet.

Late Position

In late position, you can loosen up a little bit and call all the way in with hands like A-9, A-8, A-7, K-9, K-8, and J-10. You will be on the button so you have the last action. It is a little riskier since you have no clue what the other players in front of you are going to do. But since you have the action, you want to take it all the time you can.

From the button, you can play aggressively and take down the blinds with common hands, like Q-7, Q-5, K-9, J-10, and J-9.

From the blinds, you should play tight. It is a long time between raises since everyone is in the blinds, but you can play aggressive with medium to low pocket pairs, like A-9, A-8, A-7, K-9, and K-8.

Zones 9 and 10

In these two tight areas of the game, you can play your normal game.

Zones 11 and 12

In these two areas where you have loose games, you’re going to want to be aggressive. But, you’re not going to want to be an all-in type of player. In other words, don’t call all the time with hands like A-6 or A-5. Never call all the time with any pair.

When you’re in the blinds, play only good hands. Hand selection is important here, as you want to be a little looser than common most of the time.

Zones 13 and 14

In these two areas, you can play aggressive and take down a lot of smaller pots. But, don’t become so aggressive that you’re going to risk going all-in with top pair type hands. Also, don’t become too aggressive with callers.

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