Loose Tournament Strategy – 3 Tips How to Steamroll the Competition

Sometimes winning with unconventional cards just isn’t enough. You need a stronger hand to beat opponents that don’t even think about jams or anything else for that matter. This is the dilemma encountered by most poker players who don’t have a solid enough stack to get through the round. Naturally, you don’t want to rely on your wacky cards to get you through anything like this, so why bother?

This is where the problem presents itself. Odds have to be on your side to legalize a massive win. You need to play the opponent, not the cards. This is the behest of your battle plan. Clearly, you cannot sit tight and wait for premium hands. You have to mix things up and keep your opponents guessing. Thus, you need to vary your style of play and be aggressive when you have a good hand. In this how-to guide, you will discover how to steamroll the competition using the ol’ hold ’em face.

3 Tips How To Steamroll The Competition

There are 3 general types of Data Hk Pools players. They are Loose, Hyper-Aggressive, and Maniac. Here are a few tips on how to play each type of player to win.


Loose players are the basis of any winning poker strategy. They are smart, determined, and determined to find a way to win. Against these players, you have to restrict your own hand play and to take other players chips. They like to gamble, and they will gamble with you. They raise 70% of every hand and do whatever it takes to win. Stay away from these players.


Hyper-Aggressive players play almost everything. They are strong willed, and when you meet them, they have already made their decision to raise. Stay away from the hype and weak hands of this type. Your small hands will probably go into their arsenal, but it won’t matter to them. They will re-raise with any hand, so keep your eyes open.


Maniacs are players who seem to win every hand. They are strong willed, and willing to play any two cards. When they play top pair, top kicker, they seem to hit the board. Stay away from Maniacs. Although they seem to be difficult to read, they usually have a pretty good hand.

Using Your Chip Edge

Chip edge is the only way to win a poker tournament. If you have a larger chip stack, you can pick your spots more accurately. You will be more selective. You will be able to read your opponents better. You will be able to gauge which players do not want to fold, and who want to go all in. Do not be afraid to raise, or to go all in when you have a good hand. This is very common in live poker, but if you want to make a big money tournament, you should take this into consideration.

5 Tips On How To Not Get Clobbered

  • Clobbering is inevitable in an online poker tournament. It does not mean that you are definitely going to lose a big pot. It is entirely possible that you will draw out on a low hand.
  • Stay away from the action, and try to wait for a better hand.
  • Raise your Heck out raise.
  • Raise with a made hand.
  • Take a free card when you are almost sure your hand will not be beaten.
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