How to Become an Online Poker Professional – Step by Step Guide

You may have started playing poker online or in a casino some time ago by playing in home games or for a few friends. In either case, if you had no prior experience the cost of learning basic strategy with no real money on the line is quite steep.

The price of learning basic strategy is eventually offset by the time you spend at the poker tables. While a lot of players never seem to grow as a player it is a simple concept. You must first practice in the home games before moving on to the larger sites.

Once you are comfortable playing the lower limit games in the home games you can make the switch to the higher limit games in the nearby casino. Here you’ll need more poker knowledge, and, of course, a little more experience. Online there are also plenty of low limit games available as well as micro limit games. Players can start their poker careers in the low limit games in the casino or at some of the online poker rooms.

From the casino or playing online you can work your way up to the higher limit games in the next stage. Here you’ll want to mix your game up and play some more hands. While you may start strongly you’ll need to know how to play better as you move up the limits.

Once at the higher limit games, while you are still learning theien valuable strategies of the game, you can try out your hand at the micro limit games. Here’s where you can start to play with common hands. You’ll have to make you decisions more quickly as you have less money to play poker with.

Then the next stage is to move on to the online poker tournaments. Again, as you progress as a player you’ll notice the differing poker rules that apply depending on where you are in the world. In addition to that you’ll find that the play becomes much more aggressive as well as having a more complete view of your opponents. In micro limit tournaments you’ll again notice that a higher percentage of hands are shown down by the dealer. That’s because the hands are easier to remember as you’re less used to seeing cards face up in front of you.

Now that you can handle the higher limit games yourself, you’ll then be able to handle the mid limit games as well. From this position you can then take on the online poker players who are at least a little more weaker than you are. At this level, you’ll find that a lot of players are playing a more aggressive game as they are used to seeing a high limit player all cards. You will find that a lot of players will call you down with very weak hands, but at the same time some of them are going to raise you back as well.

From this particular position you can then try to steal the blinds as a way of building your stack. Of course, as limit poker is a betting game, your goal is to win the blinds and your stack will grow. In a perfect world you’ll be able to take over the blinds’ with your monster hands, but you’re not going to be able to do this if your opponents are strong. Therefore, you will have to be a little more aggressive in these situations and raise instead of checking or calling.

You also want to be able to handle the weaker players that appear at the table with you. You don’t want to end up short stacked because of your aggressiveness from the small blind or big blind, so you have to be a little stronger than that and steal those blinds if you have to.

As a result, you’ll have a pretty substantial stack by the end of the first hour (and especially the first few rounds of the second and third hours). This is much better than your stack from the early levels of the remipoker tournament, where you are often short stacked and have to depend on the next hand to win you the tournament.

However, you don’t want to take this too far. It’s important that you at least win a small pot here and there, so that you can stay in the tournament. But you don’t want to go all-in with your small stack. You always want to keep in mind, that you can’t win the tournament in the first few hands, so don’t be overly aggressive in the beginning.

However, once you get a feel for the table and feel that you have a good hand or two, then you can play aggressively and aim to double up. But you always want to be on the safe side of your big hands so that you don’t risk your chips on a very bad hand.

Of course, you can’t expect to win every hand or be able to play perfect poker, so I hope this article has been helpful to you in some way and has been helpful to your game in general.

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