Gambling and Gambling

I have heard a lot of people saying how they’ve lost all their money at gambling, and then I’ve seen a lot of people saying how they’ve won all their money at gambling. Which group would you rather be in? Which would you rather be in better then other people?

Would you rather be in better than other people?ugh I thought I’ve heard everything, I thought gambling was fun and flashing lights and plenty of girls and fast cars and nice clothes.

But you know what I found out, that although gambling is really glamorous and fun and exciting, it can also make you broke and break your family and friends. You know what I found out? That gambling is not just about flipping a coin to decide which side would come up, or push a button to see if Air Balls would come up.

Gamblers are put in a very difficult situation in that they are forced to take as many shots as they can in order to have a better chance of coming out on top. But you’re in the firing line. You are in effect a shooter at a Poker88 table. You are charged to gamble your money to keep the game moving and the action moving.

What I’ve realized is that most gamblers have this fear of going bust. It is this desperate need to win that really sets in their head that they are going to go bust. It is a need that can be addictive and lead to gambling addiction.

As I’ve talked about in my previous articles, I believe that the greatest risk that any gambler can take is to ‘overcommit to a program that is not on a statistically prevailing wining system, or given false financial advice that suggests it is profitable to gamble more and more money that you can really afford to lose.

The aim of the game is not to ‘make love in Vegas’. The game is to win money. And if you’re going to win money, games, unlike Blackjack, are not random. The Profiting from gambling is a mathematical reality. Random cards come out of a bag full of cards, the game of Bingo is the same as the cross between Young and Old.

I’ve realized that Blackjack playing requires a mental discipline and a mental math, and not going the casino means you don’t apply the Rule of Probability. You calculate the probabilities, you work out the odds, you organize you play, you prepare yourself mentally. When you walk into a casino you are under an enormous amount of pressure. The first thing you need to do is not let the pressure of the environment destroy you.

The pressures of the casino don’t go away with you. If you are a young man and lady you will probably be grabbed by men and Misities will try to attract you. Don’t let them. Make a decision whether you are going to stay with the wife or jump in the Ocean itself.

Even experienced gamblers get pressure when they win. Tips are commonly offered to people when they win a substantial sum of money. It isn’t amounts that are offered, the pressure is on your mind to win and to win big. Make your decision and if you win, realize that the money you won was not yours, but yours alone.

Any unhealthy love of gambling is a sure road to the poorhouse. The addiction to gambling continues; the only way to keep it pumping is to keep yourself gambling. Watch the wheel and the numbers as they come out, decide for yourself whom to bet on, Ride into the Casino and enjoy.

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